Our 2019 PPW will be held on July 11, 12, and 13. The theme will revolve around the idea as to How We Know This Is Not The Last Days.
The exact title of the conference for this year is being worked out.

watchonlineWatch the full weekend event-activities live online from the comfort of your home, or anywhere with a high-speed internet connection! In order to help offset the cost for those who are traveling to the event, paying for hotels, conference fees, plane flights, car rentals, and more, we have we have asked for donations if you are able to support this ministry.  Please register no later than Wednesday Tiki Squareduring the week of the event in order to ensure that you have everything you need to login and watch the live feed. Don’t miss a single moment and join our other online attendees in our live chat throughout the whole conference! To get access to the online live broadcast feed of the whole event please visit our registration page.



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