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Guest Article: Zechariah 14, Part 2- By Robert Cruickshank

This is part two of a three part series on Zechariah 14, written by my good friend Robert Cruickshank, Be sure to read the first […]

Upcoming Debate on the Millennium!

Up Coming Formal Debate on the Millennium!! You don’t want to miss this one!! Did the Millennium begin and end in the first century? Is […]

Guest Article: Robert Cruickshank on Zechariah 14- #1 in a Short Series

My good friend Robert Cruickshank is an excellent Bible student and writer. He has been working on a series of articles on Zechariah 14 for […]

William Bell Joins Don K. Preston on Two Guys and A Bible to Review Bell’s Recent Debate with Sam Frost Last night- 8-22-2023, William Bell came onto Two Guys and a Bible to discuss his recent debate with former preterist Sam Frost. It was […]

Old Testament Israel – New Testament Salvation #7- The New Creation Part 2- More on Isaiah 66

Old Testament Israel – New Testament Salvation- #7- New Creation Part Two- Isaiah 66 Be sure to read my previous article on the New Creation. […]

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