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A Question About the Millennium– Answering and Objection

A Question About the Millennium Don K. Preston The following question has been posed on numerous sites in objection to the idea that the Millennium […]

A Day Late But, Really Good! The Story of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

In a break from our normal content, I though I would share the following story that was shared with me by my friend Brent Hughes. […]

Short Shot: The Redemption of Creation

Short Shot- The Redemption of Creation All three futurist eschatologies, Dispensational, Amillennial and Postmillennial, say that one day God, through Christ will redeem physical creation. […]

Formal Written Debate on the Date of Revelation- Preston’s Final Negative- A Shocking Development

Don K. Preston’s Third (Final) Negative Formal Written Debate on the Dating of Revelation: Before AD 70 or After? Before I present my final negative, […]

Formal Written Debate on the Dating of Revelation– “Sergius Bale’s” Final Affirmative

To the reader: Let me apologize for the utterly disgusting verbiage in the following. just keep this in mind as you read. There is an […]

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