Fund Raising!

Sony CameraTo all our supporters, or those considering PRI for support,

Over the years your donations and charitable contributions have made it possible for us to continue our ministry and to bring you some of the most important bible teaching in the world.  We have dispelled futurist dogma, and we have helped thousands of people all over the world transform their lives with the message of fulfillment, and a preterist hope of victory in Christ and what He has accomplished.

Graphic's CardWith that said, our ministry requires funding and we are not a highly profitable venture.  In the past year we have spent quite a bit of money on a second HD (high definition) Video Camera to produce our PPW livestream, in addition to equipment necessary to broadcast that event.  Part of those expenses included a computer strong enough to process an HD Signal over a livestream, with a very good Graphic’s Card, in addition to an HD Capture Card to capture the signal from the camera and push that signal over the internet.  intensitypro4kBetween the computer, the graphic’s card, the capture card, and the camera, we have incurred about $2,000 in expenses for these items alone.

If you would consider donating funds to help with covering these expenses, it would be a tremendous blessing to our ministry, and it would allow us to continue providing the very best quality video and media to all those we reach with the fulfilled Gospel message.

To donate, simply click on the “Support” page at the top of our website, and considering giving through one of the payment methods provided.

Thank you all so much for your gifts!


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