A Blog Response to Sam Frost and Michael Fornier on Full Preterism – #1

Several days ago, Michael Fornier, who calls himself had Sam Frost, former preterist on his show to supposedly refute Covenant Eschatology. The blog lasted for 2 1/2 hours and covered a lot of territory, but none effectively.

My friend, Michael Sullivan, and I, decided to produce a response to that blog. This is installment #1 of our response. In this video we address two major “non-exegetical” arguments / claims / accusations that Frost made against preterists. He stated clearly that, while there may be some well- intentioned believers in the preterist movement, that preterism is a cult.

Not only is preterism a cult, but, those of us who are preterists are “gnostics” because we apply passages such as 2 Peter 3, to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Needless to say, these accusations are serious. Not only that, they are egregiously FALSE. These are nothing but “poisoning the well,” pejorative claims with no probative value of any kind.

In addition to addressing these two issues, Sullivan and I address what Frost claimed is a critical passage for refuting preterism– Ecclesiasties 3:11.

Join Mike Sullivan and me as we answer Frost’s accusations and claims in our blog.



Source: Don K. Preston