Exciting Announcement! New- Powerful – New Book By Don K. Preston (D. Div.)

Announcing an Exciting and Important New Book by Don K. Preston!

I am super, super excited to announce the release of a brand new book! The book is entitled Marrying and Giving in Marriage…In the New Creation? See my YouTube video of the introduction here.
Opponents of Covenant Eschatology argue that Jesus said there would be no marrying in the New Creation. Preterists say we are in the New Creation, but, preterists are married! This proves – supposedly – that preterists are wrong!
Problem is, this argument is absolutely self defeating! Did you know that Amillennialists and Postmillennialists alike say that we are NOW in the age to come? Do you catch the power of that?

So, if being in the age to come means that we should not be married, then all Amillennialists and Postmillennialists should disband their own marriages!

This book is a thorough, devastating refutation of the futurist argument on “No marrying!”

In the foreword, Dr. William Bell says of this book:

“In time to come, Marrying and Giving in Marriage_In the New Creation?, will be a standard go-to-text book for all Preterists who encounter this argument in its now short and dying life-span. Very soon, it will cease to be a debate issue as more evidence that the futurist paradigm gasps for its last breath. Give this book a welcome reception, a broad circulation and generous distribution and futurism dies sooner than later.”

There is literally not another book like this– anywhere! Get your copy today!

I just put it on Kindle. Should be available there shortly.
(Title spelling has been corrected so I don’t know why it is still showing).