UpComing Formal Debate to Be LiveStreamed!

The UpComing Formal Debate Between Dr. David Hester and Don K. Preston will Be LiveStreamed!

I am very glad to announce that the formal public debate, the second between Dr. David Hester and Dr. Don K. Preston, will be Live Streamed. The debate can be watched on FaceBook, on the Eastern Meadows church of Christ page, or, you can watch it live on the Eastern Meadows church of Christ website.

The debate will be held June 15-16, 2017, at the Eastern Meadows church of Christ.

The propositions will center on the Second Coming of Christ and the attendant resurrection of the just and unjust. Was it fulfilled in AD 70, as Don K. Preston will affirm, or, will it be at the End of Time as Dr. Hester will affirm?

To watch the debate live, follow this FaceBook link. The discussion begins Thursday, June 15, 2017, at 7 PM Central time. Be sure to tune in!