A Poem on Covenant Eschatology– Guest Contribution by Kyle Tyson

On FaceBook just recently, one of my friends, Kyle Tyson posted the following poem that they wrote on the reality, the beauty and the wonder of God’s fulfilled plan. I was given permission to post it here to share with our visitors. Enjoy!

<Your second coming in 70 AD has occurred
Now to break the years of confusion that we have all endured

So with every day and with every waking breath
We shall tell of those who were judged first from Hades, the very place of death

We will tell of those who were raised from Paradise just affixed to its other side
How they waited until the consummation of that age to be your new bride.

They are ruling and they are reigning, but not just a thousand years
Were they all beheaded in 70 AD? No, but you still wiped away all their tears

So we will proclaim, and so we will confess
That there is salvation in no other who can grant spiritual life, in the place of a second death

At your revealing in 70 AD as Josephus and others in history attest
You established a New Heavens and a New Earth system that is no longer a circumcision of the flesh

Raise us up and shine forth this truth, the very words you spoke they still rebuke

They still don’t believe what Moses taught or what John the Baptist preached
But the light of truth has broken into our hearts and our very soul it’s reached

Your appearing was in that day, some did not taste of death
They saw you coming in the glory of your father and his angels, for whom they had no respect

The Law & Prophets and its Temple was a foreshadow of you
They want to rebuild it, please forgive them, for they know not what they do

They don’t see with their hearts how all things are fulfilled
With their bleak outlook on life they wait to be killed

They still buy into the lie of an earthly kingdom of flesh and blood
But just as you promised you poured out judgment & reward on that generation like a flood

The Old Covenant and the Temple Age was tried through the Romans by fire
Because the circumcision of the heart is what you always desired

The first fruits of the harvest were redeemed in that day
Still they twist imminence passages and say your coming has been delayed

Their futurist views hasten their destruction and their very demise
They wish for the Old Covenant Temple to be rebuilt and for a Antichrist to arise

They can’t accept their traditions and views to be exposed untrue
So rather than shift their paradigm, they hold to a unfulfilled view

When we show how the scriptures were all fulfilled long, long ago
They rent and tear their futurist garments like the priest of whom you made a open show
If they would just accept your words and your actions to be true
They would see in their heart of hearts what you set out to do

They would see that the kingdom lives and shines forever from within
A deposit of the eternal state which will be raised incorruptible at their life’s end

So give us the power and lift us up on high
Your kingdom has come and we shall never Spiritually die

Its not of this earth but it is sealed upon our foreheads and written upon our hearts
Help us wake up our futurist brothers, before their lives fall apart

You see, they have no hope for the future, because they don’t understand the past
Their broken, and waiting defeated for the tribulation to pass

So soften their hearts, that they may finally realize
Because I too was one of those Futurist with spiritually blind eyes

You see your time statements are there, and as plain as day to see
They were written for that day, that generation, and to Pella they did flee

The scriptures were written for everyone ,but they are not written directly to me
When we keep them in that context, their truth will set us free

Every promise is fulfilled and every prophecy has been made complete
Our destination is the Jerusalem from above she’s the one that is free

Now let us drink freely of her waters and take shade in her trees
For the LAMB OF GOD is in her and in us, if we only choose to believe

So let this truth open our hearts and our eyes so that our world may mend
Because the increase of your government and your rule and reign shall never see its end

Dear Reader be a good Berean and test what this Preterist has to say Your presuppositions & traditions have taken the true meaning of the kingdom away

The Parousia was a visit in Israel’s war with Rome Judgment and reward were fulfilled in that generation, and the dead and Christ were taken home

In the days of those kings he set up a kingdom to never be destroyed
so that the old covenant Temples sacrifice will never again be accepted even if it’s deployed

The power of the holy people was transferred to the firstfruits then in 70AD shattered
Now CHRIST IS YOUR COVENANT and he’s all that matters!

My son’s blood is your new covenant…. Oh ,why can’t you see!
When you intertwine Talmudic Zionism with my words it causes your ignorance to blaspheme me!

So beware of the Pharisees and Sadducees of Old, because today’s Talmudic Zionism tells the same lie that they once told

That piece of dirt you fight for so hard is a relic of their covenant past
I fulfilled it in my Son Christ JESUS and only in him does it last!

So look and believe in what Peter, Paul, John, and your Lord had to say
For all those things which were written in The OLD COVENANT and the NEW were to be

Written by Kyle @ Preterist Conduit