Responses To Don K. Preston’s Newest Book- On Daniel 12

Don K. Preston recently released a major, 400 pages, new book, entitled The Resurrection of Daniel 12:2- Future or Fulfilled? The reception to this new book has been excellent, suggesting that many people are looking for answers to the question of the resurrection. Feedback on this new book has begun to come in, and the reviews are truly exciting and gratifying!

Sam D, from Texas, wrote: “This is, by far, Preston’s best book, ever! Nothing like it!”

Tommy G, from Arkansas, says, “Preston has left no stone un-turned, no argument unanswered. This is a devastating critique of futurism!”

Dustin C from Texas says, “Preston’s new book on Daniel 12 is bar none the most devastating blow to any form of Futurism. Devastating. I will be beyond shocked if any Futurist attempts to touch it – Sam Frost, Gary DeMar, Gentry, et al. Don K. Preston takes them to task.”

These but are a tiny sampling of the responses to Preson’s newest book. Get your copy today and see for yourself what an incredible book this is! There truly is not another book like it, anywhere!