Does Eschatology Matter?

We are often told that the study of Bible prophecy is simply an academic exercise. What “really matters” is faith in God and in His Son. Those who hold to such positions are being naive, unfortunately.

Jesus taught that belief in him should be based squarely on whether or not he kept his words (John 10:35f)– thus, if he did not do what he said he would do, we are not to believe him! He likewise taught that his actions in judgment were to be – are – the ground of worshiping him (John 5:21f). If he did not come in judgment as he promised, when he promised, there is no ground for worshiping him!

Sceptics have and continue to charge Jesus with failure. The enemies of Jesus point with glee to his “failed” predictions. And lamentably, the majority of Christians are totally unable to defend their faith in Jesus because they too do not believe that Jesus came when he said he would! This is incredibly sad.

But, it is not just the skeptics who have issues. There are many, many believers who have been caught up in the endless prophetic speculation of the Harold Campings, the Hal Lindsays, the Grand Jeffreys, the Jonathan Cahns, the Jack Van Impees, the John Hagees, etc. ad nauseum!  So many people actually live in abject fear of the Man of Sin (that John Hagee says is already present!!) and the Great Tribulation and the Dispensational fear-mongering message!

Covenant Eschatology – true preterism – is the solution, and countless numbers of people are coming to realize this. Exciting times are here, as believers all over the world are set free from the bondage of continual, repeated, prognostications that “the end is here!”

And yet, we still see those whose faith has been all but destroyed, as a direct result of believing in those last days predictions. The link below is a prime example of this sad, sad situation. I want to urge the readers of this post to help us spread the Word that this kind of fear, this kind of unbelief is unnecessary! Share with your friends and neighbors the Truth of Fulfilled Eschatology! Help free them from this kind of bondage!

Here is a link to an article that tells a sad, sad story. This is what we here at Preterist Research Institute are combating! Join us in this great struggle! Eschatology truly does matter.