Responding to the Critics| Preterist Controversy In the church of Christ

A bit of background here for the article below. Just recently, two well known church of Christ ministers in Michigan, Holger Neubaur and Steve Baisden, began espousing the truth of Covenant Eschatology. They were immediately castigated and condemned as heretics and false teachers. Letters and emails to Michigan churches of Christ went out and they were “dis-fellowshipped.” Amazingly, some churches condemned them without ever even contacting them or studying with them!

Steve Baisden has a Facebook blog entitled “As It Is Written.” On that blog, the futurist preachers from the church of Christ became hostile. One of them in particular, Howard Denham, who is supposedly a champion of the truth, debater and scholar, not only attacked Baisden and Neubaur, but William Bell and myself. When I was informed of that, I went to the site and joined. After reading a few of Denham’s comments, I immediately posted my willingness to engage in a debate with him. And the obfuscation and vitriol began in earnest! Denham asked me a few questions, and I answered them according to what I believe to be true. That did not satisfy him, and he claimed that I never even responded, which was blatantly false. When I repeated my answers, even with more information, I then pressed him on whether he was going to engage in debate or not. In the meantime, William Bell likewise engaged him.

Denham became increasingly hostile and belligerent. When the moderator of the site (not Baisden) requested that he tone down his rhetoric, Denham withdrew from the site, claiming that it was allowing too much false doctrine to be taught. He then went to another site, which he controls evidently, and continued his vitriolic diatribes.

In the meantime, a minister by the name of John Chowning informed Steve Baisden that he had rented a room, set the date, and determined the propositions for a formal public debate and that he expected Baisden to show up! This is, without a doubt, one of the most dishonorable situations imaginable! I have never heard of anyone unilaterally setting the venue, the time and the wording of the propositions, and then just demanding that a man show up for the debate. This smacks of an Inquisition more than an honorable debate.

I should also take note that Mr. Chowning made some blatantly false charges against Baisden and me, on that FaceBook page. I confronted him and charged him with falsehood, demanding that he recant his false charge and apologized to all who read his false claims. He initially refused, but, after a long time, he finally wrote an “apology” of sorts, but in his apology, he actually made another demonstrably false charge. I confronted him again and called on him to repent of his falsehoods. That was on July 2, 2014. As of the writing of this article, (7-30-14) Chowning has not responded.  To say the least, this is dishonorable, dishonest and despicable from a man claiming to be a preacher of the gospel.

But, the charges of heresy have continued. Some have claimed that preterists will not debate our beliefs, which of course is laughable, and demonstrates an ignorance of what has taken place over the last several years. What has happened is that several debates have taken place and as a result, it has become increasingly difficult to get a church of Christ minister of any representative standing to engage in debate.

In the article below, Steve Baisden responds to (another) charge leveled against himself and other preterists. The letter is, by the nature of the case, polemic. Baisden “names names” of church of Christ ministers who have been writing emails, articles, etc. making false claims.

The nature of Baisden’s letter is a necessity, given the nature of the charges being made against him. What is happening among the churches of Christ involved in this situation is a sad testimony. Here is Baisden’s article in response to some of the charges against him and Neubaur, as well as other preterists in general.

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The modern traditional church of Christ view of the coming of the Lord is in error and those that support it cannot do so in oral public debate. Each time it has been tried they have failed! Deaver/Preston debate for example.  (Note from DKP: The MP3s of this debate are available from me. Contact me for more information).

The modern day church of Christ (NOT that one found in the scripture) has an understanding of the “time of the end” not the end of time in the future somewhere. BUT the Bible teaches it would be in the first century (Mt 5:17-18, Mt 16:27-28, Lk 21:20-32, 1Pet 4:5-7, Jn 5:24, etc). Their prideful view of this to the degree that they cause division over it is sinful and plain cowardice. Heretics, Proud, Boastful, Fleeing where no man pursueth, etc.

John Hansen says; “I am glad we found these men out that are teaching these things”. The truth is they did NOT find us out, we were very public and vocal about it. we have nothing to be ashamed of!

Denham says; that I will not debate it in writing, but he is the one that dodged the written debate with Don Preston. And he is the one fleeing for two + years before he will debate orally, oh, all the while the Bible says “be instant in season and out of season…” so much for that verse having any meaning to these brethren!

Robertson said I taught MAX King doctrine after pulling my statement out of context, when I went to reply he blocked me! Holger said he would debate Johnny any day of the week!

Vick has been writing feverishly in his little publication “The Informer” in which he calls Holger Neubauer’s name, but in private conversation said he would not speak with Holger about this unless Rusty Stark and Johnny Robertson could both be present with him. Oh he also says he “may” consider debating Holger in the future. All the while he sure is game to “write him up” as a false teacher yet he cannot prove what he is saying. The best he can do is the same as Denham, Robertson, Stark, White, Jackson, and all the rest…. he builds up a misrepresentation of what we believe, then he begins to debate that straw-man until he is victorious.

Does not this bother those in the church? I thought the church of Christ was willing to stand fast and earnestly contend instant in season and out of season… yeah right.

The true church of Christ you can find in the Bible can, and we are ready.

One of the most oft used EXCUSES of why they will not debate us is; “we do not want to give your false doctrine a platform” but if this is true then they should NEVER debate ANY false doctrine! Better start running from the Baptist boys! Brethren think about that! All the while we already have a platform, we are just as public as you, we have Radio, TV, Internet, Congregations, Individuals, Newspapers, Publications, etc etc available to us. In fact we are winning this battle, we are converting people to the truth of this issue while you all are running around saying “I am glad we found what these people are teaching” and “we better warn everybody” and “ooh I said something on facebook and that really taught them a lesson” and lets not forget that every time you click “like” on someones statement that constitutes victory… NOT!

The truth is, they are afraid, they are very afraid! And they should be if they are unwilling to accept the truth!

Mike Demory, Johnny Robertson, Ben Vick Jr, Howard Denham, Michael Hatcher, Sydney White, Rusty Stark, Charles Coats, and MANY other preachers in the church of Christ have refused to have an oral, formatted, moderated, public debate with Holger Neubauer. Howard has come the closest, he said it would take him two + years and that was with me, a less capable man in this field! (Note by DKP– many other church of Christ ministers, experienced debaters– have refused to debate this issue with me, including Wayne Jackson, Alan Highers, F. LaGard Smith, Robert Taylor, etc..)

And to think that I actually held these men in high esteem at one point, SMH. I can honestly say that I am thankful to the good God of heaven that He designed His word to have the effect He designed it to have (1Cor 11:19) “For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.”

Share this with the “mighty men” of your fellowship Richard, most have un-friended me and I cannot post this with them. In the mean time, we are out there converting people to the truth! >>