Major Formal Debate| Today: 6-3-14!

Dr. Michael Brown will debate Dr. Don K. Preston on the question of the future of Israel and Romans 11:25-27.

We are thrilled to announce that today, June 3, 2014, I will be engaging Dr. Michael Brown, in a formal debate. The debate will be–if the technology works– carried live on YouTube! You can watch it live here.

The debate is to take place at 4:20 PM (3:20 Central) and is to be a two hour discussion.

Our discussions will center on Romans 11:25-27 where Paul said: “And so, All Israel Shall Be Saved” What did Paul mean by this? Scholars of all stripes have, and continue to struggle with this critical text!

Does Paul here predict a yet future conversion of national Israel at the end of the current Christian age? Dr. Brown believes that is precisely what Paul foretold.

Dr. Don K. Preston will affirm a first century fulfillment of Romans 11.

Dr. Brown is a prominent Christian apologist, having debated Muslims, Jews, atheists etc.. He is what is known as a Classic Premillennialist.

Dr. Preston (preterist) is also an experienced debater, having engaged several leading evangelicals of the day.

This promises to be a highly informative, spirited, and yet, very cordial debate. The topic is “hot” and important, both theologically and politically. What you believe about Israel “matters.” So, tune in today, June 3, 2014, and watch the formal debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Don K. Preston, as they discuss Romans 11:25-27.

You don’t want to miss this!