The Utter Hypocrisy of the American Media

The Utter Hypocrisy of the American Media

By now, most Americans are aware of the controversy of the Duck Dynasty patriarch and his comments regarding gays. He had the temerity to express his faith, and actually call the gay lifestyle a sin. Well, A&E, the host of the Duck Dynasty program immediately suspended him, calling his comments inappropriate and unacceptable. It now appears that it is possible that the family will perhaps withdraw from the show, or that A&E will actually cancel the program.

Anyone even vaguely familiar with what is happening here cannot help but see the tremendous hypocrisy on display by the American media, as talk show after talk show has picked up on the controversy. In the huge majority of cases, the talk show hosts or reporters have vilified Robertson. The restaurant chain, Cracker Barrel, has no discontinued selling Duck Dynasty products.  Even that paragon of virtue, morality and holy living, Charlie Sheen weighed in on the issue, calling Robertson “mallard brained.”

Nothing could more graphically illustrate the condition of moral decay, public degeneracy, and social decline that what we are witnessing. And it is the hypocrisy of the media that is just simply mind blowing.

The media tells us that Christians should keep their faith to themselves, and not try to impose their moral standard on others. Yet, events such as this are nothing but a blatant attempt to impose a moral perspective– or more accurately, an immoral– on society. It is fine, even demanded, that the media tell everyone watching and listening to television or radio that anything goes, morally. But, no one has the right to say that some things are wrong. They can impose their worldview; but Christians can’t. Hypocrisy.

The media talks about hate speech coming from Christians. They tell us we must eliminate all forms of hate (a fine sounding moralism). But, the truth is, that no one is guilty of hating anyone more than those in the media and their attitudes towards Christians and Jesus! When the Robertsons were depicted as almost always praying before meals, A&E went to them and complained. They wanted all this stopped. There was too much talk about God, Christ and the Bible. The Robertsons told A&E that they would not stop expressing their faith, and if A&E did not like it, the Robertsons would simply not do the program anymore. So, A&E temporarily backed off– too much money at stake.

The media talks about the freedom of expression, the freedom of speech. And yet, the undeniable truth is that the national media seeks at every opportunity to stifle the expression of Christian faith. The ridicule and label morality as bigotry and hatefulness.

The media talks about “tolerance” but, the truth is that no one is more intolerant than the national media! Now, they will not only tolerate the most hateful of attacks on Christians, they loudly claim that such speech is part of their constitutional rights. But, when Christians speak out, as we are seeing, they call for them to be silenced. Utter hypocrisy.

Of course, what none of the media, except some of the more conservative outlets, are telling anyone is the entire content of Robertson’s comments. He did not single out homosexuality. He did not attack them as people. In no way did he call for discrimination. He was asked his view on sin, (And, it is entirely likely the interviewer was purposely setting a media trap in the questioning. In fact, Mr. Robertson personally feels like he was indeed “set up”). He responded, and included a list of several sins, listed in Romans 1. But, he also said, to paraphrase, “But, we love everyone, and we don’t judge anyone. We leave that up to God.”

Where is the media outcry against Robertson mentioning adultery? Where are the pundits attacking him as a bigot for calling fornication, or extortion, etc. sin? Where are the talk show hosts calling for his dismissal for saying that he loves everyone and judges no one? Where are the media representatives even mentioning that he spoke of love for all men?

The indisputable fact is that the majority of the national media hate the Bible. They hate Christians. They hate everything about Christianity– particularly the moral demands of a holy God.

In program after program, the media outlets present programs that openly attack Christianity and morality. When talk show hosts do openly express blatant hatred for conservative views, the networks refuse to discipline them. Witness MSNBC recently, and their refusal to discipline Martin Bashir for his vile, disgusting and openly hateful  attack on Sarah Palin. There was virtual silence  from the network about his remarks. Yes, he later resigned, but it was not because of MSNBC disciplining him!

Yet, the same network swiftly canned another reporter for anti-gay comments. See a pattern here? If is fine for them to attack Christians and morality in malacious, hateful language. Piers Morgan’s reaction to Mr Robertson is some of the most hate filled verbiage imaginable. But, if a Christian dares to express disapproval of their world-view– even expressing love at the same time–they will visciously attack you and seek to destroy you!

The media and programmers make fun of the very idea of “sin” and holiness. In the “Arts,” you can present a cross of Christ in a bottle of urine, and that is simply artistic expression that must at all costs be protected and promoted (and even funded by the government!). Trash programs like that of Charlie Sheen were promoted even though there were repeated objections by Christian groups objecting to the blatant immorality of the show’s content. Sheen was not dismissed for any of his anti-moral, or the program’s anti-Christian content / comments, but, only when his own self-destructive immoral lifestyle caught up with him and affected his ability to produce money, was he dismissed.

I am not suggesting for a moment that Isaiah 5:20f is being fulfilled. But, what was happening in Israel at that time is a historical, social phenomenon that repeats itself in society after society, as nations come and go. What was happening was that Israel’s love for YHVH had grown cold. Her  appreciation for His ways was gone. His holiness was not her standard. As a result, Israel had arrived at a point– being now fully reflected in American society– where Israel was guilty of calling evil good, and calling good, evil. All standards of right and wrong were being turned upside down, and those who made any attempt to maintain and promote righteousness were attacked as legalistic, moralistic, narrow-minded, bigoted, etc.! As a result of that rejection of morality, Israel– and every other nation that has done the same since– fell. History verifies that the statement in Proverbs is an eternal principle, applicable to any nation, set in place by YHVH: “Righteousness exalts a nation, but, sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

We are at a dangerous place in America. Christians have been, and to a great extent still are, silent when it comes to speaking out, and defending and promoting the Way of the Lord. There seems to be an embarrassment on the part of many believers about holding to the faith of Christ.

There can be no compromise with immorality. We truly are at war with those who hate what we stand for. While the media talks in platitudes about “getting along” and being “inclusive” “tolerant” and rejecting hatred, in truth they are utter hypocrites. They hate everything about what we stand for, and they need to be called into account for their hypocrisy.