Dispensational Dominionism – Part 2 (Joel McDurmon Debate)

    Dispensational Dominionism- #2
    Don K. Preston

In my recent debate with Joel McDurmon (July 2012) of American Vision, McDurmon made several arguments about the Abrahamic Land promises and how they must be fulfilled literally and physically in the future. (Be sure to get a set of my DVDs on “Israel and the Land Promises, Failed or Fulfilled”). My debate with McDurmon is available now, on Kindle!

McDurmon’s argument was that God promised the land to Abraham personally, not just to his descendants. Abraham. McDurmon argued from Acts 7:5 that Abraham never received the land promise. Therefore, Abraham must be physically resurrected from the dirt and receive the literal land promise, which is not confined to the borders delineated in Genesis 15, but, encompasses the “world” (kosmos, Romans 4:13).

I made the comment during the debate that McDurmon’s comments were a thinly veiled remake of the dispensational doctrine. McDurmon objected to this, and other Dominionists have labeled the charge as a falsehood. They claim that there is no resemblance between what they are teaching and the dispensational paradigm. Let me be very clear, however. What Joel McDurmon, and his camp is espousing is, without any doubt whatsoever, nothing but dispensationalism wrapped up in some different colored robes.

I have debated dispensationalists for years. I am intimately familiar with their theology. And I can say unequivocally that what McDurmon, and seemingly American Vision, is now advocating is nothing but what I will call “Dispensational Dominionism.”

McDurmon said that he would have no problem at all debating a Dispensationalist. He claimed he could dispatch them with ease. No, not really. As this series of articles will reveal, modern Dispensationalism will surely be thrilled with the current direction of Dominionism.

    Dominionism, Dispensational and the Timing of the Land Promises
God told Abraham that the land promises would be fulfilled in the “fourth generation” after his descendants entered Egypt (Genesis 15:16f).

Dispensationalists say that in spite of the promise about the fourth generation, Abraham, indeed, even his descendants never received all of the land promise. The land promise stands unfulfilled to this day.

Dominionists say that in spite of the promise about the fourth generation, Abraham never personally received the land promise, although his descendants did.

Now, if might be claimed that this is a significant difference, but that simply is not true. Notice the perfect parallels between the two paradigms.

Both schools say the fourth generation delimitation failed!

Both schools say the land promise is not fulfilled until Abraham is resurrection from the dead.

Both schools say the land promise will be expanded to “the earth” after the resurrection.

Both schools say the land promise entails an earthly, physical kingdom.

And there are other direct parallels, which we will examine further. The point is indisputable, however: modern Dominionism is just another form of Dispensationalism. This is undeniable.