Preston Reports on the Criswell College Experience

As reported earlier on this site, I had received an invitation to present the preterist, (fulfilled) view of the millennium, at the Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. This last Friday, October 12, 2012, I was privileged to present that paper, in spite of the fact that numerous folks, who knows how many, tried desperately to get me booted off the schedule.

In spite of those efforts, the leadership at Criswell held firm and honored their invitation. I was treated with friendliness and respect, although of course, the faculty of Criswell clearly does not embrace preterism. However, they are committed to an intellectual and scholarly discussion of the issues, in an environment of open discussion.

My experience at Criswell was very, very positive, and here is a new video that ever so briefly shares some of my impressions of the event. The audio of all of the speaker’s lessons are supposed to be up on Criswell’s site shortly, so that all can listen. For now, take a look at the video, and be sure to pass it on!