Preterist Introduction

What is Preterism?

The term “preterism” is derived from the Latin praeteritus, meaning that which has past. (Praeteritus is the past participle of praeterire, to go before: prae (comparative of before) ire, to go.)  The term is derived from Matt. 24:34 where it occurs in the Latin to describe the time of Christ’s Second Coming:  "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall…

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New Heaven and Earth

Rethinking II Peter Three

IntroductionIn this article we examine II Peter 3:7-13 and decide that the heavens and earth that were marked for destruction involved considerably more than merely Old Testament Judaism, Jerusalem, and the temple.   Early Preterist Perceptions The modern preterist movement is very young; although we have learned much, we still have much to learn. We are still mining the depths…

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Significant Historical Excerpts

The Road Back to Preterism

Any discussion of eschatology’s history in the church should begin with Jesus and the apostles, for they are the fount whence our instruction flows. And here there can be no dispute: Jesus and the apostles were plainly Preterists. Jesus’ very ministry began with the clarion call that the eschatological kingdom long foretold by the prophets was “at hand.”   “Now…

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