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Responding to the Critics: Kenneth Gentry’s “I am not a Preterist!”

  Responding to the Critics: Kenneth Gentry’s I am Not a Preterist!” Dr. Kenneth Gentry recently felt compelled to publish and article entitled “I am Not A Preterist!” The article was both an affirmation that he IS a preterist, but that he is NOT a preterist! Let me explain. For years, Gentry, DeMar, Mathison, etc. have all proclaimed themselves to…

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Engaging the Critics

Kenneth Gentry

I have read and appreciated the writings of Kenneth Gentry for many years. His work, Before Jerusalem Fell, helped me immensely in my understanding of the dating of Revelation. That work provided a wealth of information, both historical and Biblical, to substantiate the truth that Revelation is about the consummation of God’s dealings with Old Covenant Israel. Likewise, I have…

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