Theological Airheads

August 18, 2002 admin 0

On, August 19, 2002, I watched the John Hagee program out of San Antonio, Texas. Hagee was delivering the third in a series of lessons, […]

Baptism: A New Appreciation

August 3, 2002 admin 0

Covenant Eschatology is a comprehensive study. It is not just about the end time things such as the coming of the Lord, judgment, and resurrection. […]

Jackson and Mello

May 21, 2001 admin 0

This is a review of Wayne Jackson’s article carried in the Christian Courier, Vol. XXVI, No. 11, March 1991, 3906 East Main St. Stockton, Calif. […]

Signs of the End

January 6, 1998 admin 0

Those who claim the end of the age will occur in or around the year 2000 insist that we see today the predicted signs of […]

Those days vs. That day

April 8, 1992 admin 0

Those who reject Matthew 24-25 as a united discourse about the end of the Jewish Age offer a series of arguments to demonstrate a division […]