The Binding of Satan

May 11, 2006 admin 0

“Satan is bound?!? Why that is ridiculous; just look around. There is evil, temptation, suffering, and immorality. Satan cannot be bound if these things are […]

Glossary of Terms

May 11, 2006 admin 0

We have had requests for a glossary of terms for those visiting our site. We appreciate suggestions for how we may better communicate! Sometimes theological […]

Was Jesus Born Again?

November 22, 2003 admin 0

Our title may shock the reader at first glance because normally the term "born again" connotes the spiritual renewal of a sinful life. But this […]

End Times Controversy

August 1, 2003 admin 0

Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice serve as general editors of a new book, entitled End Times Controversy. This book of 460+ pages presents itself as […]

Why Did America Win the War?

May 7, 2003 admin 0

On April 22, 2003 on the MSNBC program Scarborough Country, Joe Scarborough interviewed Jerry Falwell. Falwell stated that the reason America won the war in […]

Theological Airheads

August 18, 2002 admin 0

On, August 19, 2002, I watched the John Hagee program out of San Antonio, Texas. Hagee was delivering the third in a series of lessons, […]

Baptism: A New Appreciation

August 3, 2002 admin 0

Covenant Eschatology is a comprehensive study. It is not just about the end time things such as the coming of the Lord, judgment, and resurrection. […]