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I would like to know why do you still believe we should still be baptized ? I thought Baptism is a ceremonial ritual of the […]


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Don, I have been a Christian for some 40 years, saved and raised in Independent Baptist churches and most recently Reformed Baptist but have recently accepted fulfilled eschatology […]

Shipping Costs

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The shipping costs are as follows: Downloads: Free USPS in USA<10 lbs: $4.9510-50 lbs: $13.50 USPS to India<5 lbs: $5 USD5-50 lbs: $15 USD USPS […]

Daniel 9 Prophecy

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Question: I have done a fair amount of reading and it seems that Daniel’s 70th week seems to get stretched to a period of at […]

Your Questions Jan. 31,2007

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Question: Josephus himself in his antiquities declared that to be the fulfillment of Daniel, so why would do people have a problem with Jesus comming […]

Your Questions Jan. 31,2007

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I have a few questions regarding Preterism’s view 1 John 2:18-29, 4:1-4.  My questions are: Question: What is John referring to when he says "the Antichrist […]