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The Great Day of God’s Wrath and the End of the Millennium – #3

The Great Day of Day of God’s Wrath and the End of the Millennium #3 Definitive Proof that the Millennium Ended in the First Century As we noted in our first article in this series, the Millennium is a study of great importance for understanding eschatology. All three futurist views of the end times either claim that the Christian age…

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The Fulness of the Gentiles – A Response to Israel Only – #1

  The Fullness of the Gentiles – Numeric or Relational – #1 A Response to “Israel Only” An absolutely fundamental tenet of what is known as the IO (Israel Only) crowd (mob might be a better description) is that when Paul said that at the coming of the Lord “the fulness of the Gentiles would come in” he supposedly meant…

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