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Preterism in Practice (Curtis and Preston)

Discussion with David Curtis of Berean Bible Churchand Don Preston of Ardmore Church of Christ discuss what affects if any preterism has on their congregations.  NOTE:  Mr. Curtis is a preacher at a Reformed/Calvinistic church & Mr. Preston is a preacher at a Freewill/Arministic church, thus we will be able to determine common affects between both theological camps.   You…

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The New Creation

24 09/05/04 Bear One Another’s Burdens 43 09/12/04 Image of God, Two Adams 25 09/19/04 Bear One Another’s Burdens #2 44 09/26/04 Image of God, Christ Born 45 10/10/04 Peace through Faith 46 10/17/04 Precious Promises A Fulfilled Life 47 10/31/04 The Abundant Life 48 11/07/04 Great and Precious Promises 49 11/14/04 Peace of Mind, More than Conquerors 50 11/21/04…

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