A Third Coming?

September 18, 2006 admin 0

Matthew 24:36-42 We are studying the Olivet Discourse of our Lord found in Matthew 24. This is a very important chapter; it is in fact […]

How Long is Long?

September 1, 2006 admin 0

The question is often raised concerning why there is so much emphasis on the shortness or brevity of time in relation to the Lord’s parousia […]

Matthew 16:27-28

August 18, 2006 admin 0

Matthew 16:27-28 is a critical text in the study of eschatology. As vital as it is, it has been and continues to be the focus […]

Every Eye Shall See Him

August 18, 2006 admin 0

When attempting to explain that Jesus returned at the fall of the Old World of Judaism in 70 AD, one of the first objections offered […]