The Bottomless Pit

October 3, 2006 admin 0

Among the imagery of Revelation, the bottomless pit holds a prominent place.  The locust army bearing the image of “scorpion-centaurs” emerges from the pit.  (Rev. […]

Avenging the Prophets

August 29, 2006 admin 0

One of the major themes of Revelation is the avenging of the martyrs. This theme is stated in chapter 6:9ff; 11:11-19; 17:4-6; 18:20, 24, to […]

The Day Has Come

May 11, 2006 admin 0

Isaiah lamented the condition of Israel due to her sin "we wait for light but behold obscurity; for brightness but we walk in darkness. We […]

More on Heaven and Earth

May 11, 2006 admin 0

It is unfortunate that modern Bible students are not more familiar with Biblical terminology. The term "heaven and earth" is an example where careful study […]