Other Preterist Events

Eschatology Seminar in Columbia, South Carolina

When: April 21-23, 2011Where: The University of South CarolinaWho: William Bell, Don Preston, Larry Siegle, Glen HillWhat:  Eschatology in the Book of Romans There is no charge to attend the event.  Register by sending an email to eschatologyofromans@yahoo.com   Download the Full PDF of the event here

Other Preterist Events

Fulfilled Prophecy Seminar

Jesus taught that hewould come again beforehis generation passedaway. Many would denythat he did, making ourLord a false prophet. Fulfilled Prophecy showsthat he came again as hepromised, proving him tobe a True Prophet of God. Daleville Church of ChristDaleville, Alabama Announcing Fulfilled Prophecy Seminar   February 10th to 12th Thursday 6 to 9 PM Glenn Hill, Wm Bell, Don Preston…

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