Written Debates

McDonald -V- Preston Debate on the Coming of the Lord– Preston's Final Negative

I too appreciate the opportunity to engage in this exchange, although I must say that Jerry’s approach is more than troublesome. He has changed positions repeatedly on key verses, all the while denying it. He has argued for the authority of uninspired men over the inspiration of scripture. Then, ironically, he has openly rejected the historical testimony that refutes him.…

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Sam Frost Withdraws From The Debate With Don K. Preston

Sam Frost was once an active advocate of Covenant Eschatology. However, he abandoned that view. A little over a year ago, Sam challenged me to debate him, insisting that there was a tremendous amount of interest in such a debate, and assuring me that he was ready to refute Covenant Eschatology. He even posted “An Open Letter To Don Preston”…

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Responding to the Critics

The Distorted Hermeneutic of Modern Futurism- #1

While futurist eschatology dominates the landscape today, when one looks closer at their hermeneutic, one quickly discovers that there is something fundamentally and fatally flawed present. The interpretive system incorporated by all of the futurist views, is so self-contradictory, illogical, and unreasonable, once examined, that there really is no ground for accepting their conclusions.


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Why Moderns Have Lost the Meaning of Temple– Preterist Pilgrim Weekend Coming Up!

The following article by Oscar Miles, minister for the Ardmore Family of God, in Ardmore, Oklahoma, will help set the stage for understanding the incredibly significance of the Biblical promises of God establishing His Temple / Tabernacle among man. It is difficult for modern readers to grasp the real power of these promises, but in the article below, Oscar gives…

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