Old Testament Prophecies

Guest Article: Gary DeMar Responds to Current Claims About Isaiah 17

I was in the process of doing research to write and article about Isaiah 17, and the current “excitement” being generated by the televangelists about the imminent fulfillment of that prophecy, when I came across an excellent article on the American Vision Website, written by Gary DeMar. Gary has done a fine job exposing the fallacious Dispensational claims that we…

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Engaging the Critics

A Dominionist Hermeneutic that Leads To Covenant Eschatology!

We often encounter comments and writings by futurists that, when applied consistently, those comments lead inexorably to the full preterist view of eschatology. This is extremely common, especially when one reads the writings of the popular postmillennialists (Dominionists) of the day. Whether one reads Gentry, Mathison, Sandlin, Leithart, McDurmon or DeMar, you will find such comments. I personally hear from…

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New Debate in Bend, Oregon

Re-Thinking End TimesNovember 9th & 10th, 2013 Shilo InnBend, Oregon Harold Eberle of www.worldcastministries.com vs. Don K. Preston of www.eschatology.org   This will be a two day, “Panel Discussion” and promises to be a wonderful time of learning and fellowship, so come be with us!


Order Your Copy of the Gregg -V- Preston Debate Today!

We have made excellent progress– although it has been slow– in processing the video for the recently completed formal public debate between popular radio host and author, Steve Gregg (partial preterist), and Don K. Preston, (full preterist) of Preterist Research Institute. The debate was held in Denver, Colorado, September 6-8, and was one of the friendliest debates you can imagine!

Responding to the Critics

Preterism and the Beast of Revelation 13

Revelation is, without doubt, the focus of most eschatological discussions. Futurists constantly claim there is no support for Covenant Eschatology in the Apocalypse, but of course this is not true at all. We will examine, in a short series of articles, one of the objections sometimes lodged against the fulfilled view; it involves Revelation 13.