Fall of Jerusalem

A Local Judgment?

A prominent brother, in a series of tapes in which he attempts to refute realized eschatology, argues that the destruction of Jerusalem was a localized judgment whereas the final judgment and coming of Jesus will be universal. He concludes therefore that the fall of Judaism cannot be the time of the Parousia. Since this is a common objection I feel…

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Dealing with Satan

The Binding of Satan

"Satan is bound?!? Why that is ridiculous; just look around. There is evil, temptation, suffering, and immorality. Satan cannot be bound if these things are present." This is a typical response to the contention of realized eschatology that Jesus has fully conquered Satan and destroyed his power. We well recognize the emotional response such a suggestion evokes. But we kindly…

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Preterist Introduction

Glossary of Terms

We have had requests for a glossary of terms for those visiting our site. We appreciate suggestions for how we may better communicate! Sometimes theological terms can be a bit confusing to those who are not familiar with them. As speakers and writers, we sometimes assume that our audience is totally Awith us@ in our terminology. In response to to…

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Welcome to eschatology.org

Eschatology is the study of final events, the second coming, or the "last times" as spoken of in the Bible. Are you confused about the meaning of the Last Days in the Bible? Did Jesus fulfill his prophesy of the New Testament concerning his return? Matthew 16:27-28 "For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with…

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Your Questions

Your Questions May 5,2006

Question: I would like to ask you some questions pertaining to the observance of the Law. I believe that Paul and the other believing Jews kept the Law until the end of Old Covenant aeon. I think this is made clear in Acts 15. This being so, do you think it would be right to say that Paul and other…

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Passover: Type and Anti-type Exodus 12

The single most significant event in the history of the human race took place on the first Sunday after Passover in about the year A.D. 30. It’s the day that Jesus rose from the dead. Biblically it is not called Easter but "The Feast of First Fruits." Last year at this time we studied the Feast of First Fruits, so…

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Baptism: A New Look

Was Jesus Born Again?

Our title may shock the reader at first glance because normally the term "born again" connotes the spiritual renewal of a sinful life. But this article does not imply in any way that Jesus was in need of such a renewal. We do wish to deal with the Biblical concept of the two births of Jesus as they relate to…

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Responding to the Critics

End Times Controversy

Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice serve as general editors of a new book, entitled End Times Controversy. This book of 460+ pages presents itself as the definitive refutation of Covenant Eschatology, or as they call it, Preterism. The book contains 17 chapters by different authors. This article cannot be a true book review, due to the size of Controversy. However,…

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The Israel of God

Why Did America Win the War?

On April 22, 2003 on the MSNBC program Scarborough Country, Joe Scarborough interviewed Jerry Falwell. Falwell stated that the reason America won the war in Iraq is because America is the ally of Israel. Since Israel is God’s chosen people, Falwell argued, those who bless Israel today are blessed. He went on to argue that America must, at all costs,…

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