Review and Response to Joel Richardson’s Mystery Babylon book – #15

On my Youtube channel I have been reviewing and responding to popular prophecy writer Joel Richardson. In his newest book, Mystery Babylon: Unraveling the Bible’s Greatest Prophetic Mystery, Mr. Richardson claims that Babylon of Revelation is the Islamic Capital of Mecca, in Saudia Arabia.  Over the last several weeks I have been reviewing that book showing that Mr. Richardson’s claims are anachronistic and totally misguided.

My latest YouTube video, #15 – examines Mr.Richardson’s claims that it is Islam that Revelation posits as the great persecutor of God’s prophets and saints. This claim is totally anachronistic and violates the text of Revelation. In fact, Mecca could never– NEVER – have done what Revelation says that Babylon had done!

Be sure to check out this latest video, and, for more on the identity of Babylon of Revelation be sure to get a copy of my book, Who Is This Babylon? in which I offer Biblical proof that Babylon of Revelation was none other than Old Covenant, first century Jerusalem.

Who is This Babylon - Refuting Joel Richardson
This book proves definitively that Babylon of Revelation was Old Covenant, first century Jerusalem. This falsifies Joel Richardson’s Mystery Babylon book!