Mystery Babylon? Exposing Joel Richardson!

mystery babylon
Examining the claims of Joel Richardson that Babylon in Revelation is the modern Islamic Caliphate

Mystery Babylon: Exposing Joel Richardson

I recently began a YouTube review and response to Joel Richardson’s book, Mystery Babylon: Unraveling the Bible’s Greatest Mystery. In his book, he claims that Babylon of Revelation is the Islamic Caliphate, and Mecca as the capital. So far, I have produced five YouTube videos examining this claim, demonstrating that Mr. Richardson’s book is guilty of major logical, exegetical and hermeneutical fallacies and abuses.

I recently reached out to Mr. Richardson on Twitter, inviting him to engage in a formal public debate or even a YouTube debate. His response was to accuse me of being arrogant, condescending and dishonest! I was– I admit– somewhat taken back by his accusation. Since when is asking to engage in honorable discussions arrogance and dishonesty.

I pointed out to Mr. Richardson that in my videos I had gone out of my way to say that I meant no disrespect to him. I was simply challenging his theological conclusions. That is standard practice. Christian controversy is honorable and good. But, evidently not to Mr. Richardson.

He then responded by posting that as a full preterist, I do not believe that Jesus has a physical body in heaven and that he is not human in any way! Well, I don’t believe that Jesus has a physical body of flesh and blood in heaven, but, that does not mean that I deny that he is human! When I challenged Mr. Richardson to document where I have ever denied these things, he then said that my challenge was proof that I am dishonest and promptly blocked me!

Evidently, Mr. Richardson has no interest in open, honorable discussion. He would rather make totally false slanderous claims. Be sure to check out my on-going series reviewing his book. The link to #1 is given above, so be sure to follow along as I continue to expose the fallacy of Mr. Joel Richardson’s false claims.

In the meantime, be sure to get a copy of my book, Who Is This Babylon? for a positive identification– without a lot of fantasmagoric speculation– of Babylon of Revelation.

Who is This Babylon
This book proves– without wild speculation- that Babylon of Revelation was Old Covenant Jerusalem.