Don, I have been a Christian for some 40 years, saved and raised in Independent Baptist churches and most recently Reformed Baptist but have recently accepted fulfilled eschatology after some 10+ years of study. I have tried to make “Sola Scriptura” the sole basis of my faith. It was while studying the “judgment” passages, to determine if they pointed to a 1st century fulfillment that I was challenged on another long held belief, that is the doctrine of Hell. I have found the absence of Hell in the scriptures to be a deafening silence and the teaching of conditionalist in general to be very sound scripturally. It seems that the combination of both preterism and conditionalism are very complementary, conditionalist for bringing to light the connection of Gehenna to the judgment specifically of Jerusalem and preterist for the resurrection having taken place there is no need for what I believe to be the false doctrine of some conditionalist of “soul sleep”. I wonder if you have considered this in your studies as both teachings rely strongly on a “sola scriptura” approach and face their strongest opposition from church tradition?