Romans 8:18– Restoration of Dirt– Or Fellowship– Preterist Pilgrim Weekend Coming Up!

Does Romans 8:18f Predict the Restoration of Physical Creation– or Is It A Prediction of the Messianic Temple?

Most look at Romans 8:18f  as referring to renovation of the physical creation.  But we will show that Paul is talking about Israel and the soon coming True and Living Temple wherein Yahweh dwells.

While the theological world focuses on the restoration of dirt, trees and animals, Paul is focused on the restoration of fellowship that was lost in the Garden.

David Curtis, a popular speaker from the Berean Bible Church in Virginian Beach, VA. Will explore Romans 8 and how Paul establishes several things:

1.) That the promised restoration of all things, the “manifestation of the sons of God” was at hand when he wrote.

2.) He will demonstrate that Romans 8 is not, in fact about a coming radical change in the makeup of bugs, slugs and mosquitoes!

This promises to be an exciting lesson, one you don’t want to miss! If you can’t make it to the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, coming up July 18-20, 2013, you can watch the entire seminar live on your own computer! Go here to sign up.