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Schedule of Events and Speakers for PPW-2013!

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Well, it is almost here! Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, 2013, is only about a month away! Below is the schedule of speakers and events. Please register ASAP, to let us know you are coming! Our Theme is: The Tabernacle of God Is With Man!

What a wonderful concept, what a fantastic reality! Come be with us!




Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2013

July 18, 2013 (Thursday evening)

5:30p-             Registration

6:45-7:00p –    Opening Remarks & Prayer- Don Preston

7:00-7:45p –    Speaker – Oscar Miles

7:45-8:00p-     Break

8:00-8:45p-     Speaker – Don Preston

9p-                   Dismissal

                             July 19, 2013  (Friday)

7:30a-              Registration

7:45-8:00a-      Opening Remarks & Prayer – Don Preston

8:00-8:45a –    Speaker -Larry Siegle

8:45-9:00a –    Break

9:00-9:45a –    Speaker – Rod MacArthur

9:45-10:00a-    Break

10:00-10:45a-  Speaker – William Bell

10:45-11:00a – Break

11:00-11:45a-  Speaker – David Curtis

11:45- 1:00p –  Lunch (many restaurant choices in the area)

1:00-1:45p –     Speaker – Oscar Miles

1:45-2:00p –     Break

2:00-2:45p –     Speaker – Don Preston

2:45-3:00p –     Break

3:00-3:45p-      Speaker – Larry Siegle

4:00p –             Dinner Break (many restaurant choices in the area)

                            July 19, 2013  (Friday evening)

5:00p-               Registration

6:45-7:00p –     Opening Remarks & Prayer – Don Preston

7:00-7:45p-       Speaker – David Curtis

7:45-8:00p-       Break

8:00-8:45p –     Speaker – William Bell

9:00p –            Dismissal


                         July 20, 2013 (Saturday morning)

7:30a-              Registration

7:45-8:00a-      Opening Remarks & Prayer – Don Preston

8:00-8:45a –    Speaker – Rod MacArthur

8:45–9:00a –    Break

9:00-9:45a –     Speaker – Don Preston

9:45-10:00a-    Break

10:00-11:30a – Q & A Session

11:30a –          Closing Remarks & Dismissal