Email Question: Are There OT Prophecies of the End of the Miraculous?

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Hey Don, thanks so much for all the info on youtube.

i am not very easily persuaded i suppose but since i am struggling with the time texts I cannot but look into this issue still. I just like to ask you to provide for me the verses in the O.T. that would prophesy that miracles were to cease at the coming of the Lord. I listened to your series on miracles and the charismata before, but cannot recall those O.T. verses. I just don’t have enough time to listen to all of the segments right now Sad smile emoticon 

I would be happy to hear from you, … (We will call him “Peter.”)

“Peter”, there are some very, very suggestive and even specific verses in the OT that predicted the cessation of the charismata.


Daniel 9—“Seal Vision and Prophecy.” Per almost all scholars, this term means to put an end to the prophetic office through the fulfillment of all prophecy. See my book Seal Up Vision and Prophecy for a full documentation of the meaning of the phrase and discussion. This is a very powerful text that speaks to this issue, but is seldom explored.


Zechariah 13:2 foretold the passing away of the operation of the evil spirits out of the land, when the remnant would be saved—at the coming of the Lord in the judgment of Jerusalem.


There is a very suggestive, but not definitive, text in Micah 7:15. Some translations render it “according to the number of days when I brought you out of Egypt, I will show wonders in the land.” This is not, however the majority reading, and I would not depend on it. However, while it does not (probably) actually say “according to the number of the days…”, it does say, in most translations that as God performed miracles in the first Exodus, he would likewise perform miracles in the Second. Now, a direct analogy of type and anti-type would suggest that just as the first Exodus was 40 years, the Second would likewise be 40 years, and thus, the gifts would cease after the 40 year Second Exodus.


There is a lot of corollary and suggestive material in the OT, but hopefully this will help a  bit! In addition to my book Seal Up Vision and Prophecy, you might get my Into All The World, Then Comes The End, for a discussion of this issue.


Let me know if I can help


Don K