A Response to Some Objections Against Covenant Eschatology- #6

We are sharing some brief responses against some of the most common objections to Covenant Eschatology. The responses are written by Frank Speer, and offer some great thoughts, and food for deeper thought, so enjoy! This is installment #6. Be sure to go back and read the previous articles.

Objection Stated:


“Preterism makes one wonder how they justify Matthew 24:21 which states that the period after the “Antichrist” signs a seven-year peace treaty with Israel will be the worst time in all of history? Many scenarios since 70 AD have been far worse than the destruction of 70 AD, including World War II.


Frank Speer Responds:

Matthew 24:21 – “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of THE WORLD until now, nor ever will.”

Again – Remember what I wrote earlier about the word “world” referring to the COVENANT WORLD OF ANCIENT JUDAISM. Jesus was simply telling his first century JEWISH disciples that what was about to happen to their nation and covenant system, families, etc. would be the worst event in the history of the Hebrew peoples. Context is King. Jesus was speaking to ancient Jews about ancient events that were prophesied in the ancient Hebrew writings to happen to an ancient Jewish nation.

The Olivet Discourse had nothing to do with 21st century Americans or anyone else except THOSE TO WHOM IT WAS ACTUALLY SPOKEN.

http://lightshine.me/to-me-or-not-to-me-that-is-the-question-audio.   More to come!