Guest Article Series: Frank Speer Responds to Critics of Covenant Eschatology #3

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This is objection #3– and Frank’s response.

To all Preterists, the Olivet Discourse is not about the coming of Messiah, but about the destruction of Jerusalem.


The Olivet discourse is indeed speaking of an ancient “END OF AN AGE” – Mt 24:1-3 is the SETTING of the entire discourse and asks the very questions that Jesus is answering throughout the sermon. The destruction of that ancient HERODIAN temple (which was the headquarters of the O.T. Covenant Judaism) is the very THEME of Jesus’ message to those first century JEWS to whom He was actually speaking. Notice that Jesus’ first century disciples EQUATED the destruction of THAT HERODIAN Temple with the “SECOND COMING of Jesus and the END OF THE AGE (Mt 24:3). The CONTEXT of the sermon is not the end of planet Earth but the end of the Mosaic age – Jer 31:31ff.

Words like “WORLD” must be understood in the original language as well as the original context in which they were used. Also, HOW a word is USED is vital. In the N.T. “world” does NOT mean “PLANET EARTH” but the covenant world of Israel. Now, just in case you think I’ve lost my marbles – here are just a few passages that validate this claim (Luke 2:1; 1 Cor 7:31; Jn 12: 19; 18:19-20).

If the “end of the age/world (KJV)” has NOT YET OCCURRED – how then could Jesus have been crucified at the end of the age” – (Heb 9:26)???

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Be sure to read Don K. Preston’s in-depth analysis of the Olivet Discourse, in his We Shall Meet Him In The Air, the Wedding of the King of kings. This book demonstrates the unity of the Olivet Discourse, and its application to AD 70– not the end of the Christian age.