"Hard Copies" of New Books Now Available!

I am very excited to announce that “hard copies” of (one) of my newest books, AD 70: A Shadow of the “Real” End? is now available! It is not yet posted on my websites though. But, if you want to order it, price is $17.95 (I will pay postage for all orders mentioning FaceBook, or YouTube!). Send the funds to me via PayPal, at jadon@cableone.net.


This is an awesome new book, that strikes a blow at the false idea– held by amillennialists and postmillennialists– that AD 70 was a foreshadowing of the end of human history. There is absolutely no Biblical support for this idea, and you will be blown away at the power of the evidence!

Also, the “hard copies” of the McDurmon -V- Preston Debate have been ordered and will be available very shortly as well, so be watching for that. You just have to have a copy!