McDurmon -V- Preston Debate Book Now Available on Kindle!

Finally! After major transcription problems, interruptions, and other issues, we are thrilled to announce that the debate between Joel McDurmon (PhD) of American Vision and Don K. Preston (D.Div.) President of Preterist Research Institute, Ardmore, Ok. held in Ardmore, Ok. July 2012, is now available on Kindle, today! The paperback version will be available shortly and will be announced here as well.


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McDurmon argued that the current Christian age must come to an end with the raising of human corpses out of the ground. He argued that the death introduced by Adam was physical death.

Preston denied these claims arguing that when God said “in the day that you eat” of the forbidden fruit “you will surely die” does not mean they would live for another 900 years!

Other issues covered were the prophecy of the resurrection found in Job, the Abrahamic land promise, “no marrying or giving in marriage,” the passing of the Law of Moses, the Sabbath and eschatology, and much, much more!

A key element of McDurmon’s affirmative theology was that AD 70 was typological, demanding a yet future final fulfillment. He affirmed that there was “a fulfillment” of 1 Corinthians 15 and Revelation 20 in AD 70. Preston responded to this by arguing that if this is true, then eternal life, incorruption and immortality arrived in AD 70, thus, what more could we be waiting on? What more is needed if those things became a reality for the believer in AD 70?


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