Follow Up– Email Exchange on Revelation

Just the other day, I posted an exchange with a visitor to this site, asking some questions about Covenant Eschatology and Revelation. The poster responded with a list of additional thoughts and questions, and I will share them– with my answers– with you as time permits.

Don K


From: Tim

Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 2:27 PM

To: ‘Don K. Preston’

Subject: Preterist Vs. Futurist – Salvation


Mr. Preston

Thank you for your feedback. After researching your claims, I still have my doubts about Preterism. No one can say for sure when John was exiled to Patmos or when He wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ.


My Response: I submit to you that there is precious little evidence for the late dating of Revelation. Here are just a few of the reasons why the early dating is, in my estimation, the only proper, and very well attested position.

1.) The book demands an imminent, soon fulfillment. The language is too graphic, too explicit, to undeniable.

2.) Babylon in Revelation is “where the Lord was slain.” It was also the city that killed the prophets (16:6f). This alone is highly significant. The term “the prophets” is used over 80 times in the NT. When there is no contextual qualifier, it invariably refers to Old Covenant prophets. This being true, it means that whoever we identify as Babylon, she had to have been– or has to one day be– guilty of killing the Old Covenant prophets! Jesus identified Old Covenant Jerusalem as the city guilty of that blood (Luke 13:30f). Likewise, literal Babylon never killed an OT prophet. No other city can be identified as the city that killed OT prophets.

3.) Notice the perfect correlation between Jesus-Paul- and John Matthew 20-23– Jesus said it was Jerusalem that had killed the prophets. She would kill him. She would kill his apostles and prophets. In doing so, she would fill the measure of her sin. Judgment would fall on her in that generation.

Paul- 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16– Paul said it was Jerusalem had killed the prophets. She had killed Jesus. She was killing Jesus’ apostles and prophets. In doing so, she was filling the measure of her sin. Judgment was about to fall on her in that generation.

Revelation– John said Babylon had killed the prophets. It is where the Lord was slain. She was guilty of  killing Jesus’ apostles and prophets (18:20-24). In doing so, she filled the measure of her sin. Judgment would fall on her very soon.

The correspondence is perfect.


In my book Who Is This Babylon, I develop and present a wealth of additional information. The internal evidence of Revelation, in harmony with the testimony of the rest of the Bible, including the Old Testament, virtually demands a first century fulfillment, and an early dating.


I will continue to share some thoughts with you on the rest of your post, as I get time.


For His Truth, and In His Grace,


Don K