2013 Preterist Pilgrim Announced

The Tabernacle of God is With Man!

This year, there will be no charge to attend the PPW! That’s right! No charge to attend!   So, make your plans now to be with us this July!

It is sometimes difficult for moderns to grasp the power and significance of Temple to the ancient mind. Yet, there is perhaps nothing that conveyed “life” more than this concept!

The Old Covenant prophets foretold the time when God would dwell among men in the New Covenant Tabernacle– in the resurrection world.

We have six speakers lined up. Men with a great grasp of the Lord’s promises and their fulfillment in Christ.


Oscar Miles, from the Family of God church in Ardmore






David Curtis , of Berean Bible Church in Virginia Beach, Va.






Larry Siegle, from San Antonio. Larry has spoken on the conference often in the past and always inspires with his insights.






William Bell, of Memphis, Tn. and co-host of Two Guys and the Bible, as well as AllThingsFulfilled.com.











Don K. Preston, President of Preterist Research Institute, and co-host with William Bell of Two Guys and the Bible.




The date for this year’s PPW is July 18-20, 2013– Make your plans NOW to be with us!