The Gathering in the Last Days

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Tina Rae Collins is a lifelong student of the Bible and a prolific writer of thirteen books, most of which are spiritual or doctrinal in nature. She has been working toward a PhD in Biblical Studies for almost a year, but her latest doctrinal book, The Gathering in the Last Days, is the result of five years of personal research, accomplished outside any school or religious organization but with the assistance of many learned scholars of today and from years past. 


The Gathering in the Last Days, so named because of the great significance the Bible places (in both the Old and New Testaments) on the coming of the Messiah to gather together God’s people, provides a clear and comprehensive exposition of the story of God’s dealings with man from the first mention of salvation to the final consummation of the kingdom of Christ. The book is chock-full of scriptural references, most of which are quoted within the pages of the book, and the narrative flows cohesively like a good story that gradually unfolds.


The Gathering answers the age-old question regarding the timing of the coming of Christ to gather His people to Himself. Strong biblical evidence is presented to convince the reader that this event has already occurred. Honest, scriptural support is provided to show that, as the Lord Himself declared, some standing before Him during His personal ministry lived to witness His coming in the clouds.

Some search the Old Testament in an effort to determine what was to happen during the prophet Daniel’s seventy weeks, while others look to the book of Revelation and attempt to decipher the number of the best or guess about what his mark is.  However, the Lord and His apostles were straightforward in their language about the timing of the end.