Crisswell College Presentation

On October 12, 2012, Don K. Preston, president of Preterist Research Institute of Ardmore, Ok. was privileged to present a paper on the Preterist Perspective of the Millennium at Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. Also on the dias were some of the leading evangelical scholars of the day, including, Greg Beale, Kenneth Gentry, Wayne House, Craig Blaising, Craig Blomberg. You can listen to their presentations on Criswell’s website. The presentation of the preterist, (fulfilled), view of the millennium at Criswell has been hailed as a historic event, and has generated a tremendous amount of interest, both positive and negative. We are making Dr. Preston’s audio presentation available here, for free, because we believe that our visitors need to see how powerful the preterist view of the millennium is, compared to the other views in Christianity. At the symposium, I was told by some in the audience that this presentation was, in their view, the most powerful, convincing presentation that they had ever heard. Be sure to listen, and tell others about this presentation. It may well change their lives!

Listen Here