More Feedback on the McDurmon -V- Preston Debate

We continue to receive feedback on the recently formal debate between Joel McDurmon and Don K. Preston, held here in Ardmore, Ok. July 19-21, 2012.


Here is just one more small sampling of some of that feedback:

Don –

It is great to hear that you and Steve Gregg will be debating – I’ve listened to some of Steve’s classroom recordings and have heard him say some preterist like statements. It should be another great debate. If I can get the time off I’m going try to attend.

My impression of the debate between Joel and you during the Preterist Pilgrim weekend –

The first night wasn’t as good as the second night – During your affirmative – Joel presented some of his affirmative instead of following you – this wasn’t as valuable (to me) as the second night because you basically followed his affirmative – point by point. Joel’s leading point (Luke 20) was (in my opinion) completely destroyed by you.

Also surprising, Joel would say the Old Testament promises had been fulfilled – but that there must be a physical fulfillment in the future (“final fulfillment”) – that Abraham must physically stand on the ground to fulfill the Genesis promise. It has the Bible saying the order is from the physical to spiritual then back to physical. Also, the Hebrew writer said that Abraham was looking for the city/country/better resurrection – in his day. (Heb 13:14) Hebrew writer was looking for the city – about to come.

Another problem, if his position is true, the first covenant has not been fulfilled – but is awaiting it’s “final fulfilment” – as Jesus says – the smallest jot or title of the law would pass – until heaven and earth passed and all was accomplished!

As always, the other speakers were GREAT! Rod McArthur, Steve Temple and of course William Bell. William’s two sessions on the 2nd exodus was very good.

I’m looking forward to the DVD/MP3 files to watch & listen again.

In Him,



*Note: Lord willing, the MP3s of the lectures by McArthur, Temple and Bell will be available shortly. In addition, the DVDs and MP3s of the debate should likewise be available shortly. Be watching for an announcement

Don K. Preston