Feedback on the McDurmon -V- Preston Debate

Well, feedback is beginnning to pour in about the just completed formal debate between Joel McDurmon and Don K. Preston, held July 19-21 at the Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, in Ardmore Oklahoma.

I will begin sharing some of the feedback as it continues to come in.

Let it be noted that Joel was gracious and that the debate was on a very high level. I appreciate Joel for this, and for his willingness to come to Ardmore. He has likewise expressed his appreciation for the hospitality extended to him by everyone at the conference.

Naturally, over on the Sovereign Grace website, they are proclaiming victory, and that I ignored Joel’s arguments. The record will show that this simply is not true. What is undeniably true is that Joel did ignore my foundational arguments, and was guilty of some major self contradictions. In the comng weeks and months, we will be re-visiting some of those arguments, and examing Joel’s hermeneutic and arguments. I think you will find it fascinatiing and enlightening.


In the meantime, here is one email I received from Ed Steven’s of International Preterist Association, and his take on the debate:

<Just a note to say that the debate and conference was excellent. I don’t see how any of it could have been better. It was helpful for the whole Full Preterist movement. You defended our cause perfectly. All of us can feel good about the view after the gentlemanly and scholarly way in which you defended it. Well done! All that preparation beforehand really showed up in the debate. You repeatedly far outshined McDurmon, not only in your understanding of his view, but even more in your critically deconstructing it and exposing its inconsistencies, self-contradictions, and logical fallacies. Get some well-deserved rest!  🙂  Appreciate you, brother! Excellent job!>