The Passing of the Law of Moses: The Part That Passed Came to Pass!

Most Christians say animal sacrifices, circumcision, the Sabbaths passed away at the cross.
Well, if they passed, then what they foreshadowed had to have come to pass!
Jesus– “Not one jot or one tittle shall pass from the law, until it is all fulfilled.” Whatever part that a person claims has passed, they must, logically, affirm that part came to pass.
So, if a person claims, as for instance Kurt Simmons, (See the Preston-Simmons formal written debate book), John Welch, Mack Deaver, James Jordan and others have affirmed in public debate, that Israel’s cultus was annulled at the cross, then of absolute, irrefutable logical necessity, Israel’s festal cultus had to have been fully accomplished at the cross. But, this demands that what Israel’s cultus foreshadowed came to pass! This is hugely important, but mostly overlooked today. CDs and DVDs are available for most of these debates. Contact me for more information.


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