Some Initial Response to Torah To Telos

Don K. Preston’s new book, Torah To Telos, the Passing of the Law of Moses, has been out for just a couple of weeks now, but the reviews are already coming in, and we are very, very excited about the reviews.


This new book is truly unique. There is not another book like it, to my knowledge. It is one of the most in-depth studies of Matthew 5:17-18 to be found anywhere. In this new book, Preston carefully examines Jesus’ words that “until heaven and earth pass, not one jot or one tittle shall pass from the law, unti it is all fulfilled” and carefully notes how all three schools of futurist eschatology claim to believe that Torah was abrogated in the first century, but they all then appeal to that ostensibly dead law for support of their futurist doctrine. But, if the Law is dead, annulled, invalid, how in the name of reason can a person appeal to a dead law for anything? This is a huge, and fatal issue for the futurists. Undeniably, if a law or covenant is dead, abrogated, then none of its promises are valid after that covenant has become invalid.


Remember that Torah to Telos is also now available in the Kindle format (along with several other of Preston’s titles), so take advantage of this new inexpensive way to own this great new book. (You can go to and type in Don K. Preston and the Kindle books can be found.)

I should note that this new book is a great companion to my formal written debate with Kurt Simmons, The End of Torah: At the Cross or AD 70. This book will also be available on Kindle shortly, if all goes well, so be watching for it!

Anyway, here is one review of the new book that we have just received from John in Texas.


<Don – I received the book and just finished reading last Saturday!

It is a great, great book – Matthew 5:17f is key to biblical eschatology – either it is all been fulfilled or “the LAW” is still in effect. The Hebrew writer tells us that the LAW had to pass away in order for Jesus to be our high priest!

In order to believe that the old covenant/law past away – we must believe that it was fulfilled. Many people just don’t see the implication of saying the law past away yet they cling to the promises given to the fathers. The very core of our belief is Salvation – as you point out – that was still future when the New Testament writers wrote – but was ready to be reveled (1 Peter 1) and at hand (Romans 13)!

I do so like the thoroughness of the book and your insights – you helped sharpen my understanding – especially about the feast days and the necessity that the blessing and cursings – contained in the law – pointed to AD70.

I’m looking forward to the other books in the serie.>