Until Heaven and Earth Passes, Not One Jot Shall Pass From the Law

In my written debate with Kurt Simmons, he affirmed that the entire cultus of Israel was annulled at the cross, but that the moral code remains today, while all prophecy remained valid until AD 70!


So, some passed at the cross, some passed in AD 70, and some remains today! Very clearly, this is a direct contradiction of what Jesus said and is specious in the extreme. Be sure to get a copy of that debate book here.


Kurt exhibited the same confusion on the passing of the Law of Moses as the majority of evangelicals.


Jesus’ words are clear, unambiguous, and undeniable: “Until heaven and earth passes, not one jot or one tittle shall pass from the law.”


Okay, has heaven and earth passed? Well, the vast majority of evangelicals say the Law of Moses has passed away, but, heaven and earth has not passed! This is a clear violation of Jesus’ words. Take a look at the new video, and pass it on. Be sure to get a copy of my newest book also: Torah to Telos: The Passing of the Law of Moses.