Revelation 1:7– Every Eye Shall See HIm!

When we approach Revelation with a presuppostional idea of the late dating and application to the end of human history, the fall of Rome, or the judgment of the Roman Catholic church, we are doomed to mis-apply what the text emphatically says!


No passage has been more abused in this way than Revelation 1:7– “Behold every eye shall see him!” Why, that just has to apply to the end of time, when every person who is alive on planet earth will see him at the same time (of course, this ignores the difficulty of that, given that the earth is a circle!)

I just posted a new video on this great text, demonstrating that in reality, it is a prediction of the fulfillment of what the Jews asked for when the had Jesus on trial! This is powerful stuf, so take a look, and then check out my book, Who Is This Babylon for more details.