True Preterism and the Creeds: An Unworkable Partnership!

Preterism and the Creeds An Unworkable Partnership!

Those whose allegiance is to history and the creeds, instead of the Biblical text, point an accusing, condemnatory finger at the true preterists and call them heretics and false teachers. Of course, those same people conveniently overlook the fact that their own theology– if they call themselves Reformed– was against 1000 years of church history and the creeds! THeir own theology was called heresy by all the scholars, by all the church leaders!

Is it possible then that the creeds and church history got it wrong? I affirm that they did, and a regular viewer of my YouTube videos has asked that I document in what way the historic church has missed it.


Take a look at the new video, and please, pass it on! This is important!