Why Is Eschatology Important? Matthew 24:30

Lot’s of folks claim that the fall of Jerusalem was such a minor affair that folks in Rome, or Thessalonica, or Ephesus, or wherever, would have no interest in it, and could not have cared less about it. This was one of the arguments that John Welch, amillennialist, made in my 2008 debate with him. Of course, according to scripture– Jesus himself– the fall of Jerusalem would be the definitive sign that he was enthroned in the heavenly places (Matthew 24:300. So, we are to think that was unimportant???

I just posted a new video on this. Very, very important, so take a look and pass it on!

My debate with John Welch is available from me in MP3 format, from this website. Get your own copy of that and see for yourself how feeble the arguments he made really were.