The Reformed View of Revelation and Babylon

Many postmillennialists and amillennialism share a belief– what is commonly called the Reformed view– that Revelation is about the fall of the Roman Catholic Church. Greg Bahnsen noted:

“The Westminster divines looked forward to the overthrow of the Roman Antichrist, the expansion of the true church by the conversion of the Jews and the fulness of the Gentiles, and an age of blessing upon the church through the rule of Christ.” (Greg Bahnsen, Victory in Jesus, 1999)89.)

I once held to this idea myself, being raised as an amillennialist.

However, when one examines the doctrine of the Christ’s wedding at the parousia, as an Old Covennat promise, made to Old Covenant Israel, this is a totally untenable doctrine. I just posted a very important video on this theme. It may rock your world, as it did mine, but, it is far, far more scriptural and logical. Take a look and pass it on! This is really important!